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"the secret is the extra soft touch, that will spark a little magic in your next event. our passion is to make your special occasion sweet as can be and memorable for all your guest"
the crew

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hello, we are Floss'd. a small family business the creates personalised party favours inspired by our age old love of carnivals.

when you get the chance to know us, you'll find that we've always been a little extra when it comes to planning parties and events. for us it brings us so much joy knowing that our guest are left feeling exceptionally amazed.

so we thought what better way but to make the most of our passion in helping others create their dream occasion with personalised favours of some of our favourite sweet treats.


Executive Sweetness Director
"from beginning to end, and ensuring every order arrives in time for the special occasion, i'll guide all our customers through and offer an exceptional experience."


Chief Floss Spinning Director
"with a close eye to detail, I'll make sure our machines are spinning an endless amount of great quality fairy floss and are affordable for all of our customers."


General Sticker Placement Manager
"i'll place the labels and pack your order, ready for you to receive and be amazed, making the occasion the most special of days."


Executive Label Design Director
"the best themed party needs the most perfect label. i'll give the thumbs up on the designs when they are ready for you to see."


Director of Fluff Control
"I will test the fairy floss so that its like a soft fluffy cloud and the colours are bright like a rainbow."


General Taste Testing Manager
"tasting the fairy floss and popcorn is my job. I eat so much of it, I know when it's perfectly delicious."

from beginning to end

we value the importance of a great customer service experience. for us it allows us to see your vision and design the labels to be personalised for your event, as well as create all our products made-to-order so that it is fresh when it arrives. this is how we ensure the best possible service.
a dabble of sweet

step 1

once you have submitted the online quote, we’ll be in touch with you to discuss the requirements for the occasion. from here we can start brain storming design ideas to personalise a label and ensuring we’ve booked you into our calendar of events.
a dollop of hard work

step 2

upon receiving payment, we get to work. at Floss’d all of our products are made-to-order, meaning every label design, creation of our delicious treats and packaging is all done with love and your next event in mind.
a (large) pinch of awesome

step 3

we go the extra mile to ensure the freshness of products. with your order made as close as possible to your event date, we will have your order sent out a few days earleir than the advised express post shipping time frame or have it ready for collection when picking up to ensure its arrival ahead of your desired date.
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the finished product!

lastly, it means the world to us knowing you’re supporting a small grass-roots family business and in exchange we want you to have a personalised experience with us. we cannot wait to see our finished products on display at the special occasion and we look forward to working with you.

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